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Peer reviewed articles

*2020 Marloes Kraan, Rolf Groeneveld, Annet Pauwelussen, Tim Haasnoot, Simon R. Bush. Science, subsidies and the politics of the pulse trawl ban in the European Union. In: Marine Policy – to download click here

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*2006 Marloes Kraan; ‘One Man No Chop’. Beach seine fishing in Ghana (West Africa). MAST (Maritime Studies), Volume 5(1):pp 117-128.

(Peer reviewed) book publications / chapters

*2020 Marloes Kraan and Fenna Hoefsloot. Small-scale fisheries in the Netherlands: still out of sight. In: Small-scale Fisheries in Europe. Maarten Bavinck and Jose Pascual. MARE Publication Series. Springer.

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* 2015 Marloes Kraan; The need for social science in fisheries management and research. Keynote speech at the Canadian Fisheries Research Network AGM 2015 Halifax, Nova Scotia on 17 November 2015.

* 2014 Marloes Kraan; Imagine all the people; Implications of an increasing role of stakeholders (fishers) in fisheries governance and research. Keynote speech at the FAO in Rome on 6 March 2014.



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